elongation factor

elongation factor
Peptidyl transferase components of ribosomes that catalyse formation of the acyl bond between the incoming amino acid residue and the peptide chain. There are three classes of elongation factor: EF1 a (EF-Tu in prokaryotes) binds GTP and aminoacyl-tRNA, delivering it to the A site of ribosomes. EF-1 b (EF-Ts) helps in regeneration of GTP-EF-1 a. EF-2 (EF-G) binds GTP and peptidyl-tRNA and translocates it from the A site to the P site. Diphtheria toxin inhibits protein synthesis in eukaryotes by adding an ADP-ribosyl group to a modified histidine residue (diphthamide) in elongation factor II.

Dictionary of molecular biology. 2004.

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